You will get the following Email alerts 

  • Daily - Lead Statistics Report.
  • Weeklyl Lead Report  - Every Monday. This is about   new leads assigned and closed by each sales / employee in the last 7 days.
  • Monthly Lead Report - 1st of Every month. This report contains all the new leads, closed leads reports by each employee wise.
  • Daily - Upcoming Trips Email.
  • Missed Lead Alert Email.

We are automating few more emails reports and it will be available shortly.

Yes. You (Your admin) can do it ? 

Yes. You (Your admin) can add any destination which will be available only to your company.

There are 3 Levels of users. Admin, Manager & Regular User.

  • Admin User - can change the company settings, email settings, Add New users and do everything at Travel CEO for your company.
  • Manager - Manager has the rights to do all the activities Invoice, Payments & Bookings sections along with Leads sections.

  • Regular Users - Can work only on leads, View all Reports & etc. The important / vital information are hidden for regular user.



Yes. You just need to enter your company details, Logo, Contact Details. This will be displayed in your Invoice, Booking voucher & etc.

You will receive your username & password once you make the payment. You can just login to TravelCEO.com with your login details and start using.


You can access or login from any computer in any where in the world.

Travel CEO is a cloud based CRM software. You are NOT required to install anything on your computer. You can access it by logging into TravelCEO.com just like accessing 'gmail.com'.

Travel CEO is user based subscription software. We do not charge based on module based. So You will have 100% access to all the features.

No. Not at all. You can go for monthly basis. If you do not like the software you can terminate any time. This is the beauty of Travel CEO compared  to other software in the market.

Only Software License Cost and additional user cost according to number of additional users.


No Setup Fee !!!

Unline any other Travel CRM Softare, Travel CEO price is very competitive in the market. We charge very nominal software license cost.


You can subscripe to Travel CEO on monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually. Its your choice.

Currently we do not charge any one time setup fee at the moment. But this offer is valid for limited time. Otherwise the setup cost is approximately USD 450 per company. Hurry up to signup to avail this free setup fee offer.

Absolutely you can add any number of users at any point of time. Your billing amount will be adjusted according to the number of users and software license cost.


Example : You have subscribed for 3 users and you add 2 more users in this month then the price will be adjusted for 5 users for your next billing cylce if it is a monthly plan.


Incase if you have subscribed for Quarterly or Semi annually or Annual plan then the price will be calculated for prorate basis for the additional users and your subscription plan for next billing cycle will be changed according to the number of users automatically.

We have monthly, Quarterly, Semi annually and Yearly billing plans. You can choose which ever is more convenient for you.

Travel CEO is a subscription based software. Once you signedup, Your subsctiption will be active according to the billing cycle you have chosen.

Every user must have unique username to login to Travel CEO software, So, If your company has only one email id with multiple sales employee then its no problem at all.

You can create multiple users with same email ID.  But user name will be unique for each user.  You need to enter Username & Email ID to login to Travel CEO.


You can generate User wise, Status wise, Destination wise & much more lead reports. Please refer the reports sections for more details.

If you set a next follow-up for a particular lead at 3pm today. But if you have not udpated the lead by 3pm then it will be considered as you have missed to follow-up that particular lead.

Yes. You can click on "Lead Statistics" link and it will take you to the statistics page where you can generate the report based on the date range for your team member (sales executive).


There is a link "view closed leads" just below the header in "Leads" section. You can click and search the closed leads by email id or customer name.


We have created few lead status to organise your leads in a easy and more productive way. Following are the status.

  • New - Leads are on very beginning stage. Like customer has enquired but the quotation has not sent.
  • Follow-up - Quotation is sent. The enquiry is under follow-up stage.
  • Potential - This is same like "Hot Lead / Opportunity". Based on various factors you can categorise the lead as potential such as the travel date of the customer is very close, The customer has already booked flight or The customer has a very good budget & etc.
  • Positive - This status describes that the customer is about to confirm their trip with your company.
  • Closed - Lead is closed for various reasons such as booked with your company, Trip cancelled, Trip Postponed & etc.


Yes. Those are optional data and not mandatory.

Yes. We have a Lead widget feature. It just takes 1 Minute to create a good looking enquiry form. You just need to choose the color of the form that’s all. Once its done, You just need to copy the 2 lines of code below the form and send it to your website designer / developer. They can add the form in your website. Your web designer can do this work maximum of 10 minutes.


Yes. Customer will be notified about their  lead / enquiry assignment with contact details of your sales person. This email content can be configured by admin in Email Notification Settings.

You will get the following Email alerts 

  • Lead Statistics Report - Daily.
  • Missed Lead Alert Email.
  • Weeklyl Lead Report  - Every Monday. This is about  new leads assigned and closed by each sales / employee in the last 7 days.
  • Monthly Lead Report - 1st of Every month. This report contains all the new leads, closed leads reports by each employee wise.

Yes. You can import the leads from excel sheet. You need to make the excel sheet with all lead data in specific format. Please refer lead import section for procedure to import leads.

There is No limitation for creating and managing the leads 


When you add first payment to any invoice, the invoice will be moved from invoice to booking sections. In this booking page, You can see complete details about the booking along with original invoice.

Yes. The software will automatically send "Cash Receipt" copy in PDF Format along with invoice copy to your customer. 

You can click on the drop down action button for the particular invoice, select "update payment" option. This will take you to the page where you can add payments for the invoice with transaction details.

You (your admin) can set the bank details at "invoice / Booking" settings section in Company setting. These bank details will be automatically added into your invoice.

Yes. The invoices will be generated in PDF format. You can download and manually send it to your customer.

Yes you can edit the invoice after sending it to customer. The revised invoice will be sent it to customer at the time of completion.


You (Your admin) can mention the terms and conditions in "Invoice / booking voucher" settings section.

In Pricing section you can add separate row for adult and separate row for kids since their pricing will be different.

You can exclusively create invoice with various travel parameters such as Travel Date, Tour Location, Pricing for Adults & Kids, Inclusion, Exclusion, Terms and conditions .



Yes. You will get daily upcoming trip email. Which will have all the future booking details.

Yes. You can cancel or reschedule the bookings in a single click. When you do it, there is an option to enter rescheduling or cancellation charges.

Yes. Travel CEO will send an automated balance reminder for your customer. You (Your admin) can customise the email content in Email Notification settings page.

Yes. You can update the payment on multiple divident basis like advance payment, installment 2, installment 3 & etc..

You can generate & Booking voucher to your customer in Booking page. Here is the simple step to send booking voucher

  1. Go to Bookings sections and open the particular booking.
  2. You can see lot of Booking activities/options on left hand side menu, Click "Booking Voucher".
  3. Enter the Hotel / Transport Confirmation number. You add confirmation for multiple hotels .
  4. Click "Generate Booking voucher". You can see the Booking voucher at the bottom of the page.
  5. There is a button called "Send Voucher" just above the generated booking voucher. Click on that Button.
  6. You can review the booking voucher and send it to customer. 

Note : Customer will receive the email with following attachments.

  • Booking Voucher in a PDF File.
  • Invoice Copy with Payment History (Total Payable, Paid, Balance, Balance Due Date & etc).

Yes. Whenever you update /add customer payment in invoice. Your customer will receive cash receipt along with invoice copy on their email ID (which is mentioned whiled creating invoice).

You are required to create a Invoice first and when you update / add first payment  the invoice will be moved from Invoice section to Booking Section.

  • Invoice & Bookings are like a chain process. You can not directly create booking.
  • To  create a booking you need to create invoice first.


  • No. Regular user can not see the Payments, Bookings and Profit sections at all
  • Only Admin & Manager can see these sections. 
  • But you ( Your admin ) can make any regular user as a Manager or admin.

Yes. In Travel industry, Most of the bookings happens with multiple supplier.

For example : You have customer (booking) who is travelling to Singapore + Malaysia + Thailand. You are working with a different supplier in each country. So you can  add separate payment for your Singapore Supplier, Malaysia Supplier and Thailand supplier along with the Due date they have given it to you.

Another beauty is that you can enter in a different currency and our software wil take care of the currency conversions automatically.


At supplier payment section, You can add the payable amount to your supplier for every booking with due date. The software will send an automated email alert for before the due date for every supplier payment. This makes sure that you will never miss any payments to your supplier.

Not just that, You can track profit margin for each booking after entering the supplier payments for the booking. The calculation is very simple  Total Profit = Invoice Amount - Supplier Payment.


Company Settings (Admin)


Yes. Itineraries are commonly used by the team. So anyone in your team can update the itinerary.

Unlimted itineraries.

You can set upto 3 hotel & price options for each itineary .

Yes. You can send your itinerary from Leads section.Just follow the below steops to send itinerary to your customer

  1. Open the lead.
  2. You can see "Send Quation"  tab option on right hand side. Just click on that.
  3. You can select the itinerary folder & Itinerary which you would like to send it to your customer.
  4. Click "Send Quotation", it will take you to privew page. Just verify the itinerary and click "Send". That’s all.

All users in Your company can see all the itineraries created by your company members.

You can create Itinerary folder to organise all your Tour itineraries. For example, You can create "USA" folder to store all your USA package itinerary.